Clear Blue Skies

This has been a great week for the subject of “Sky”.   The weather has been changing, so lots of blue sky, fluffy white clouds as well as storm clouds have all been rolling past my house.   There was also a “blue moon” recently so that was perfect timing.  If you had asked me a couple weeks ago what a blue moon was I wouldn’t have known, but since then I’ve found out it is what the second full moon in a month is called, and not because the moon looks blue, although I do think it would be pretty cool if the moon looked blue for a night or two.

I took lots of pictures this week but I am most excited about the night shots.  I actually had to get out of my comfort zone and use the manual mode on my camera.   I know the night shot is not magazine worthy by any stretch of the imagination (none of them are) but I’m learning to get out there and try some different things with my camera and for that I am very pleased and excited.

I hope you enjoy the “SKY” shots below.

Our subject for next week is FAMILY.
As always, thanks for looking!