What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?  Did I seriously commit myself to doing a WEEKLY photo blog?  A week is such a short period of time, why would I do that to myself?   Okay, now that I have the whiny over with, let’s get down to business.   The subject for this week is “bed” and it is as wide open as the subject of “let’s eat” was last week, and quite frankly just as hard to photograph.   I have had lots of ideas but nothing that I can really capture in pixels.   So my pictures this week are sparse and probably not my best but hey, you get what you pay for and, huh umm, it’s free!!!!   🙂   I hope you enjoy.

Our bed

Rileigh’s bed – well actually it’s a bed we bought for Rileigh that she has NEVER slept in (not even for a nap) but at least Cassie (our cat) has used it.

The guest bed – with the quilt my Granny handstitch just for me.  It’s a double wedding ring with a scallop edge.  No machine sewing on that quilt!

And last but not least, and my favorite picture for this week, Rileigh’s REAL bed.  I think I like this because of the angle and the way you are looking straight back into the crate.

And this weeks challenge subject is SKY.  Another wide-open subject -LOL!

As always, thanks for looking and please share by blog with others who might be interested in looking at the pictures or better yet playing along with the weekly challenges.



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