Let’s eat

For a subject as everyday, like 3 or more times a day, as eating, this was certainly a hard one for me to come up with ideas for snapping pictures.   A few things floated through my mind but nothing really stuck.  Then I realized I was having lunch with a group of friends for one of their birthdays and it would be the perfect place to snap a few pictures of what I knew would be some georgeous plates of food.  I was not disappointed.   I can’t really decide on a favorite this week so I will just show you the pictures and see if you can pick a favorite.   By the way, each plate was delicious according to the person eating it, I know mine certainly was delicious.  Happy birthday Melinda!!!!

And a little something to wash it all down with

The “trick” to last weeks bottled water picture was that the bottles are actually lying down, not standing on a shelf.   If you go back and look you can see the air bubbles on the side of the bottle instead of the top.

Next weeks subject is “bed”.   I love my bed but I don’t think this is going to be an easy subject.

Thanks for reading.



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