Refreshing Water

Cool, clear, clean refreshing water!   We play in it, bathe in it, drink it, washing things in it, look out over it longingly…..yes, water is a wonderful and amazing thing.   Water can make us feel better pretty much every time we come in contact with it.

The possibilities for photographing water are almost as endless as the ways we use water, but I am, afterall, limited in my ability, my time and my access (no big ocean outside my window, you know).   Once I put my thinking cap on I did come up with some ideas though.

The first thing I thought of to photograph was bottled water.  I don’t really know why that came to mind first but it did and this is the result:

It’s a little tricky though.  Can you guess what the secret to this picture is?  Leave a comment with your guess and I’ll let you know next week how many and who guessed correctly.

This next picture was inspired by Facebook.  Can you imagine that, FB is helping with my photo blog!   You just never know where ideas will come from.

What’s summertime without a little run through the water hose.   Yea, I know, most kids these days have no idea what it’s like to play in the water in their own backyard.  But most of you reading my blog will remember the “good ole days”, also know as the “dark ages” to kids these days.   LOL

Next up is a little water fall action.

It’s pretty and all but the following picture is my favorite of all the water pictures I captured this week.

I love the green color, the kind of pinkish color of the water from the setting sun, along with the reflection of the retaining wall in the water, just beautiful!

I have one more bonus picture for you this week.  It does still pertain to water but not like my other pictures.

A man was fishing where I was taking pictures and caught this beautiful 17″ bass.   I’m so glad he was putting him back for the next person to catch again someday.

So on to another week of photography.   Drum roll please…the subject for next week is “Let’s Eat” – Wow, now that could be anything!

Thanks for looking!



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