Cooking, really?

Honestly, I’m not much of a cook.   Yes, I can follow a recipe and usually get good results, and there are a few things that my mom taught me to make without a recipe (dressing and cornbread to name a couple) but I don’t really consider that being much of a cook.   Now my two sisters – they are the cooks in the family!   My oldest, well, she can pretty much cook anything you want her to, and she doesn’t necessarily need a recipe.   Her husband is pretty good in the kitchen as well.  My other sister (the middle child) makes great pies, candies and cookies, which to me takes a real talent, especially certain candies.

All that to say I didn’t have much of an idea for the subject of “cooking” this week.   I took a couple pictures of my brother-in-law’s cooker-grill-thingie and they were okay.

Then I decided to take some pictures of my gas stove top burner.  It is, after all, what really cooks my food, huh?   This is the first house I have lived in that had a gas stove.  It’s been an adjustment but after 14 years I might be getting the hang of it.  Just don’t ask me about the smoke detector going off the other week and freaking out the dog.  I’ve noticed she still gets a bit nervous when I turn on the oven.

And so, here’s my cooking photo

What do you think?  I would love to here your comments.
P.S. I almost forgot – the subject for next week is water.


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