Happy 50th!

This is the 50th post for my blog!   Yea me!   I didn’t know when I started this if I would keep it going or not. And, as you know, I did take a bit of a sabbatical.   I’m not sure I learned anything so maybe it was just a vacation.

I also wanted to share that I have found and adapted a new weekly photo challenge for myself.  I was checking out some blogs that I don’t specifically subscribe to but that I watch occasionally to see what is happening on them.   They are mostly food blogs and since I’m SUCH a good cook, I don’t really need to subscribe to them.   If you know me, you can quit laughing now.  If you don’t know me personally, trust me, I’m no cook!

Soooo, anyway – one of the blogs had a daily photo challenge for the month of August which got me to thinking about how much I miss my photo challenges.  I decided to adapt their list from days to weeks, deleting some to make it finish up at the end of the year.  And Waaa-Laaa – a new challenge begins!

I set some rules up for myself.  Here are the basics if anyone wants to follow along either on their own or I would love for you to share you pictures and/or comments below.  On Friday I will draw a subject out of the “pot” and post it here on the blog for everyone.  Sometime before or on the following Friday I will post my photo and blog about how it came about, how difficult it was to capture, etc.   If the post is early in the week (not likely), I will post again on Friday to announce the subject for the following week for anyone that is following along.  This past Friday I drew out my subject for this week – wouldn’t you know it’s “cooking”.  Well, I wanted a challenge now didn’t I?

Wish me luck and see you in a few days!




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