For me happiness is spending time with family and friends, happiness is watching the antics of little Ms. Rileigh, happiness is visiting my parents on their farm, or being outdoors, or relaxing and reading a good book…..wow, seems it doesn’t take much to make me happy huh?   What better way to photograph happiness than to snap a picture of some beautiful cupcakes made for a sweet friend’s birthday celebration dinner with the girls!   They were made by a friend, for a friend and enjoyed at a celebration dinner – that sums up happiness!   Therefore my submission for Shutterboo’s challenge to photograph “happiness”. 


This post will have to be short and sweet (get it sweet – cupcakes – sweet, LOL).     I’m way too busy to spend time playing with any of my “toys” right now including my camera and my photo blog.    But just to catch you up since my last post.   Subject of “abstract”   – sorry, totally wimped out on that one.   I feel bad but not horrible, after all it is the only week I have missed since starting this challenge and it was bound to happen at some point in time.     The following week the subject was “yellow”.   I almost missed that challenge but at the last minute came up with this little cutie.

It’s creative in subject but that’s about all.   But some weeks you just gotta let it go and play a little.   

Next week’s subject is triangle.  That should be interesting!  Pray for me to have more play time this week, after all everybody needs a little play time to keep them happy!!!!

Hope you find happiness everywhere you look. 



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