Almost a wimp…

Yep, it’s true, I think I might be a wimp.  Okay, maybe not a complete wimp, but I truly feel like I wimped out on this weeks photo challenge.    (Now for the whining……)    But it was hard.  I mean really hard.   The subject of “distortion” was just realllllyyyyyy hard.   I couldn’t really think of anything.   Then I wondered if I should photograph something that was distorted or if I should distort a photo I had taken.   hmmmm, decisions.    And then I was kindof pre-occupied with a sick husband and a busy work schedule.   yada, yada, yada  – whine, whine, whine    It could all just be an excuse for being lazy though.

So here is what I settled for as my upload.   At the last minute I finally captured a distored picture.   Can anybody guess how this picture was taken? 


 If it hadn’t been for the last minute picture above this was going to be my submission.  

I used the special effects feature of a photo editing program by Roxio.  It has some other really cute effects but that really kindof felt like cheating on the challenge.

Since this is a PHOTO blog (hence needs pictures), and since I am kindof wimping out this week (on the challenge and my blog too, I guess), here are some really sweet pictures of my not-so-sweet-sometimes puppy, little Ms. Rileigh.    Besides, who can resist a sweet little puppy face.

She is growing by leaps and bounds it seems.  She is one smart cookie too.  She is just bearly 6 months old and her list of tricks includes sit, down, rollover, speak, stand, leave it/take it, and we are currently working on giving hugs.   We bought a hula-hoop (you can see it in the background) to teach her to jump through but so far she’s afraid of it.  We’ll have to work on that one!

And she is without a doubt the friendliest puppy I have ever met.  She LOOOVVVESSSS everyone she meets whether person, dog, or cat (well she tries to love our cat but the cat isn’t quite so sure, LOL).  

Thanks for hanging in there with me during this not-so-creative time.   Honestly I will put more effort into the next subject for next week – which is “night”; maybe, if I’m blessed, I will be able to get some fireworks pictures to share – MAYBE!   I can hardly believe we are up to week 26, half the year is already gone, wow!


The Wimp (aka Kim)

Bonus Picture:   This is the totally awesome birthday cake my totally awesome SIL made for me!!!    She is the best anyone could want or ask for in a friend and in a SIL.   Thanks Pam!!


2 thoughts on “Almost a wimp…

  1. You’re too sweet! For distorted you could have done a before and after of the cake!! Hahaha.
    I love the picture you submitted. Is it made through a glass?

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