Person, Place or Thing

Person, place or thing?   Well in this case I guess it is kindof all three.   The challenge for this week is “person”.   I took this picture while on vacation (place), it’s of a person and, well….umm, I’m not sure what the thing part would be but it sounded good when I started.

I have so many great “person” photographs from this past week but I chose this one in peticular because it is of some random person that I don’t know.   That is hard for me.  I don’t usually point my camera at people I don’t know and ask them to say cheese.   So I consider that my challenge for the week.   

He was a really nice guy working in this little diner dive we went to on Friday night.   My SIL said they had the best grilled cheese sandwich.  My burger was just okay but not great.   But I definitely think it was a dive and not a diner because of the decor and the other people behind the counter.  

Here’s a picture from across the street standing on the end of the pier looking at the place we ate, it’s in the bottom left of the picture.  

And here is the other end of the pier! 

The pier was different from any I’d seen before (not that I’ve seen a lot of piers).  You could go fishing along the sides and at each end was a bar, most nights with live music.   There was also fireworks on the beach every night.  Not by anybody official, just random beach visitors having some fun and providing a free light show for everyone else.  

This next weeks challenge is “distortion”.   Now won’t that be an interesting photo subject?   Wish me luck with that one!



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