Vacation Time

I’m on vacation.   A phenomenal vacation, literally!  It’s a girls trip to the beach and I’m lovin’ it!  We leave tomorrow – boo, hiss!!!  I can hardly believe the week is almost over.  

We’ve had some of the best food.  Some we fixed ourselves like this shrimp boil – yum! 

But we also found this great local seafood place called Biminis.  I highly recommend them if you are ever in the Myrtle Beach area.   They’re not the usual tourist-y eatery so you will probably have to look them up but they are so worth it.  

Of course, it’s been really stressful laying on the beach, walking on the beach, looking at the beach, listening to the beach…well you get the idea.   I don’t mean to rub it in that I’m at the beach and you’re not, I’m just really enjoying myself and it is overflowing into the blog.  I bet you’d be the same way if you were on a girls trip (or a guys trip). Besides it’s a photo blog and I have lots of beach photos to share!!!

Okay, enough already with the beach.  Here is my photo challenge submission for this week for Shutterboo’s subject of shadow.   Let me know what you think. 

Oh heck, I can’t help myself – here is one more picture.   It’s sunrise at a marina near where we stayed.  It was beautiful.  

Signing off from the shores of SC.



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