I’m determined

Life is getting busy and crazy and loads of fun stuff is happening but I’m determined to keep up with Shutterboo’s weekly photo challenge.   This week’s challenge has been “open”.   A couple things have run through my head at various times during the week but nothing has stuck long enough to grab the camera and go for it.    So I guess I will be making a determined effort to capture something quickly when I get home from work and get it posted SOMETIME before I go to bed tonight.  

I’m not exactly sure how that is going to happen though.  We have to take the kiddo (Rileigh) to the vet tonight to check out her little toothies.   As with all puppies she is teething and chews everything.  It seems that those longer teeth on the bottom at each side are not coming out or getting loose and the new ones are coming in behind them.  We’re determined to get this taken care of quickly so that she doesn’t need braces later on!!   (LOL)  My hubby actually pulled one of her teeth because it was all floppy and stuff and seemed to be irritating her.    I also pulled one but I’m kindof embarsed to tell you about.  But it’s pretty darn funny so here goes:

We have this little brown puppy bed (see picture), and apparently it has some kind of quilted pattern stitched into the bottom of it and Rilegh as chewed on it enough that some of the threads are loose.   So the other night she was chewing on the threads.   I, being the good puppy parent that I am, was concerned that she would swallow some of the thread and that could be bad for her little intestines.   So I snapped a few of them off by hand and put them to the side.   The last one was a bit trickier as she had it in her mouth.  I pulled on it though and could see the bed moving on the other side of her mouth so I knew it went through the sides of her mouth and not down her throat.   So I decided to just snap it off and then it would pull right through her mouth.   Good plan, huh?    WRONG!!!!     I pulled, it snapped, thread comes flying through her mouth and out flies one of her little teeth across the room. ……….(dramatic pause).   I felt TERRIBLE, as I slap my hand over my open mouth in astonishment and look down at her sweet face only to see her looking directly at me kindof licking her lips and chewing like “what the heck was that for?”   Bad puppy mom, bad, bad!!!!     Don’t worry, I made up for it by giving her lots of lovin’ and some extra treats.  Treats are always welcome!!

What a sweet little face, huh?

Added after work:

Okay so I’ve got my “open” picture now.

That’s the one I submitted but here are two others I considered.

They were both taken with my point and shoot and I think that is one reason why I’m not happy with them. 

Oh well!   Next week’s subject is “shadow”.    Wonder where you can find really cool shadows on the beach – cause that’s where I’ll be for 7 whole days with the girls!   Surely I won’t be too busy lounging on the beach to capture a good shadow picture so I’ll try to squeeze that into my agenda for the week:   sleep, eat, play in the sand, sleep, watch chic flicks, sleep, take shadow picture, sleep, walk on beach, laugh, play games, and sleep.    Yea, that should work.   

Until next time.


One thought on “I’m determined

  1. I love your open Rileigh picture! When I started reading I began thinking about OPEN things. Of cours, an OPEN sign somewhere. Then I though of all the things that get LEFT open at my house, the back door, the refrigerator, the toilet, my van door! Then I tried to think of “cooler” open stuff. A book, The great outdoors, the DVD tray. Just m y thoughts for what they are worth!
    Love your beach plan by the way!!!!!
    Pam <

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