Ode to the life of a Cicada

Cicadas are everywhere around here and so this is my tribute to them.   Hope you enjoy.

You work your way up from the ground, crawling and climbing anything vertical you can grab.


Once you have found your comfy spot you settle in to shed that heavy shell that’s been holding you captive for the last 3 or 7 or 13 years.

Emerging white and fresh and new you slowly stretch your wings and feel the air on your back.

Filled with the desire for food and a mate, you take off flying up into the air toward the nearest tree or bush.  Leaving behind the shell that has protected you for so long.

Aww, nourishment at last!  Now to lure in the perfect female companion you begin singing your little heart out.  But no one is listening – you sing louder and louder! Finally a companion comes your way.

But life is fleeting and all too soon it is over.

The life cycle must continue though, and so the female (though bewildered by the 50 million other singing males) lays her eggs in the tree branches before she herself succumbs to the end.

The eggs hatch, allowing little baby cicada thingies to fall to the ground, to burrow deep into the soil, attempting to protect themselves from life’s tragedies.  The little ones can rest for a while now, and rest, and rest, and rest; until instinct calls them forth to begin the cycle once more…………of creeping people out everywhere they appear!

At least that’s what I think!



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