Finally, pictures to post!!!! Part 1

 Blog?  What blog?  Oh yea, I do have a blog, don’t I?   It’s been so long since I updated this thing I almost forgot about it.   Just kiddin’, I could never forget about my wonderful little photo blog.   I just have not had a chance to get any pictures edited and ready to post.   But I’m here now and ready to show you a few (as compared to what I took) pictures.     These are some of my favorite pictures from our recent trip to Savannah, GA.    What a beautiful city.    I loved all the old restored homes.   It looks like some place out of a movie – oh wait, there have been tons of movies filmed in Savannah.   I guess that explains that, huh?   It is also the settting of the book Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil by Frank Berendt.   While I had heard of this book I had never read it.   It was recommended to me that I read it before I went to Savannah.   So, I started reading it before we went, read some while we were there and finally finished it a couple nights ago.   It a true crime story which is not my usual taste in books, and I probably wouldn’t have liked it at all if it were not for being in Savannah.   It was really neat though to read a sentence like “Jim was sitting behind the desk in his study” and be able to actually see the room in your head (we toured the actual house where this crime took place – see picture of Mercer Williams house below).   But I think I will stick to my Christian fiction and Christian romance thank you very much. 

And so on with the pictures!   

The beautiful streets of Savannah, GA.

Can you tell I had to edit a parking meter right out of the middle of that one!  I hope not!

This is the Mercer Williams house from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Supposedly it’s haunted, but we didn’t see a single ghost!

This is an alley-way behind the shops on River Street.  I just thought it was so pretty. 

This is one of the shops on River Street.  I thought it was so pretty with the red awning. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a candy shop. 

This is just one of the many beautiful squares in Savannah.   The historic district is set up in a grid-like pattern around some twenty-odd squares spaced ever so often in the middle of the grid intersections. So in other words you have drive around them to continue on the same street.   They are filled with statues and benches and beautiful plants.  Too many to post pictures of here.  You’ll just have to go there and see for yourself.  

This is a statue of the famed song writer Johnny Mercer in Ellis Square.   It is a more urban-like park with a splash/wading fountain thing and few, if any, trees. 

Of course if you know much about Savannah and anything about Food Network you probably know that Paula Deen is from Savannah and this is her restaurant.  No, we didn’t eat there. There was too long of a line just to make reservations to eat there.   I’m not that patient. 

Beautiful Forsyth Park Fountain.   What more can I say other than my picture does not do it justice!

We stayed within walking distance of City Market which is a little shopping/eating/live music blocked-off area of a street where the shops spill out into the street.   Very nice place to walk around.  This wagon was part of the decorations sitting around in the street. 

Okay that picture is for all my breast cancer fighting and surviving friends and family out there.  The shirts were too funny and I would love to have bought everyone I know a shirt but that just wasn’t financially possible so enjoy the view from here. 

Okay, just one more for this time and it is my submission for Shutterboo’s weekly challenge of “Tracks”.   I liked it, hope you do too. 

Part two will be up soon*! 

*”soon” is used here to imply the meaning of “when I get a chance”, not to be confused with the meaning “a time in the future that will occur quickly”

Thanks for looking!  Compliments  Comments are always welcome!!!



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