How I Spent my Easter Sunday

I spent my Easter Sunday with my family on their farm.  Time at my parent’s house is almost always an adventure (aka chaotic).   Most of the time, they are good, happy memorable adventures.  Easter Sunday was one of those good, happy memorable ones.


There are so many great things to photograph on a farm.    Like this old water pump.

  Of course, what’s a farm without chickens and ducks?




Isn’t that rooster pretty?  Life on a farm means sometimes meals and/or family time have to wait, because other things cannot.  And that’s how it was on Easter Sunday.   We were just getting the drinks poured and food on the table when it was announced that one of the cows was having problems birthing a baby.  Okay then, food covered, back on the stove top, back in the oven and back to the frig as appropriate, while a big part of the family went to check out the situation.   I for one did not go.  Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that I do not get along well with blood and yuck, it was really more for the cow’s sake – too many people might make her nervous, you see.   Anywho, long story short… they helped the cow give birth, then called the vet to come check out mom and baby.   Mom abandoned the baby – probably because of too much human contact or maybe she just knew something wasn’t right.  But anyway the calf and mom were brought to the barn and I was able to capture this picture


 And this picture….


 Which is my submission for Shutterboo’s weekly challenge subject of rural.  

 Awww, life on the farm…I miss that place (well, sometimes I do).



3 thoughts on “How I Spent my Easter Sunday

  1. These pictures are fabulous. That wet baby is too sweet. Hope Mom takes him/her back. The water pump is a pretty neat picture but I think my favorite is the chickens. The colors are amazing! Good job!!!!

  2. Your pictures are fabulous. I am a friend of Sharon’s and she told me all about Easter Sunday. I am sorry about the baby calf but Zach is an amazing young man to do what he did.

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