Simple Beauty

You would think that coming up with something for Shutterboo’s subject of “simple” would be…well…simple.   Trust me it was not simple.  But I had just planted Gerber Daisies and Dahlias for the year (and a geranium in memory of my Granny) and decided they would work.   I think of daisies as being simple yet beautiful and so, wah-la – photo subject found.


Flowers are truly one of nature’s simple beauties.   I like them fresh from the garden, especially my own garden. Too bad I hate gardening.  Well not gardening in general, I just hate weeding.   I blame it on all those weeds I had to pull in the vegetable garden growing up. 


 I once had a beautiful flower bed where I live but when the yard was cut, the grass cuttings kept blowing into the flower bed and making the weeds grow like crazy.  I finally gave up.   Potted flowers on the porch are much less trouble and just as beautiful.


 I decided to try them in black and white to continue the “simple” theme for this week. 

 I like the black and white pictures but there is just something about the vibrant color of the pink dahlia that I just love.   So this is my submission for this weeks photo challenge.   Hope you like it.   I’m actually thinking about printing and framing it to hang in my scrapbook area.   

 Remember to look for and really see, the simple things in life.  You will be so glad you did.



One thought on “Simple Beauty

  1. These photos are so beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and the flowers are gorgeous! Nice take on the theme of Simple a couple of weeks back! 🙂

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