Moving right along

Movement:  The act or process of moving; esp: change of place of position or posture.   At least that’s what my Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary gives as the definition.   I personally can sum it up in one word – Rileigh!   She is without a doubt constantly on the move unless she is asleep!  She is a joy to watch and you can’t help but love the little stinker – well, most of the time anyway.    This past weekend I found our cat Cassie in Rileigh’s crate and Rileigh in the Cassie’s bed – too cute!!!









 Movement is this week’s photo challenge subject for Shutterboo (  If you haven’t yet visited her website, viewed her flickr group or joined in on the challenges  – you are missing out.  There are some really creative people out there.   People that think waaaayyyyy outside of the box (well, my box anyway).   I want to be more like that, the getting out of my comfort zone kindof thing.   And I guess in some way just keeping up with this blog is doing that for me.   It’s a small step but it’s a step.

Anyway moving back (get it – moving) to the photo challenge.   I bet you will never guess what I took for pictures of movement.    Aww shucks, that was too easy.  You knew it would be Rileigh because I gave it away in the first paragraph, didn’t I?   Oh, well.  



I just love the way her ears are flying forward in that picture.   I promise not to turn this into a “Rileigh blog” entirely, but she is just too cute not to include in my pictures.  She’s not camera shy at all, but she does have trouble sitting still – thus the appropriateness of “movement” for pictures of her.

That one is blury but it is still  too funny! What a great picture if it had been clearer. This was a great challenge.  I loved trying to capture just the right shot to convey the feeling of movement in the picture.  The way I decided to capture movement was by panning with the subject as it moved past me or towards me.   I enlisted the help of my husband and a new squeaky ball.  It was so much fun watching them play and then to see the pictures of her running was hilarious, even the really blurry ones. 

This is one subject that I want to play around with some more.  I wish this subject was two weeks long but that’s okay I can still work with it on my own.   Here is the picture I chose to submit to Shutterboo’s flickr group.    It’s not absolutely perfecto but it’s not too shabby for a first go. 


Hope you have a moving week everyone.




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