How I Spent my Easter Sunday

I spent my Easter Sunday with my family on their farm.  Time at my parent’s house is almost always an adventure (aka chaotic).   Most of the time, they are good, happy memorable adventures.  Easter Sunday was one of those good, happy memorable ones.


There are so many great things to photograph on a farm.    Like this old water pump.

  Of course, what’s a farm without chickens and ducks?




Isn’t that rooster pretty?  Life on a farm means sometimes meals and/or family time have to wait, because other things cannot.  And that’s how it was on Easter Sunday.   We were just getting the drinks poured and food on the table when it was announced that one of the cows was having problems birthing a baby.  Okay then, food covered, back on the stove top, back in the oven and back to the frig as appropriate, while a big part of the family went to check out the situation.   I for one did not go.  Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that I do not get along well with blood and yuck, it was really more for the cow’s sake – too many people might make her nervous, you see.   Anywho, long story short… they helped the cow give birth, then called the vet to come check out mom and baby.   Mom abandoned the baby – probably because of too much human contact or maybe she just knew something wasn’t right.  But anyway the calf and mom were brought to the barn and I was able to capture this picture


 And this picture….


 Which is my submission for Shutterboo’s weekly challenge subject of rural.  

 Awww, life on the farm…I miss that place (well, sometimes I do).



Simple Beauty

You would think that coming up with something for Shutterboo’s subject of “simple” would be…well…simple.   Trust me it was not simple.  But I had just planted Gerber Daisies and Dahlias for the year (and a geranium in memory of my Granny) and decided they would work.   I think of daisies as being simple yet beautiful and so, wah-la – photo subject found.


Flowers are truly one of nature’s simple beauties.   I like them fresh from the garden, especially my own garden. Too bad I hate gardening.  Well not gardening in general, I just hate weeding.   I blame it on all those weeds I had to pull in the vegetable garden growing up. 


 I once had a beautiful flower bed where I live but when the yard was cut, the grass cuttings kept blowing into the flower bed and making the weeds grow like crazy.  I finally gave up.   Potted flowers on the porch are much less trouble and just as beautiful.


 I decided to try them in black and white to continue the “simple” theme for this week. 

 I like the black and white pictures but there is just something about the vibrant color of the pink dahlia that I just love.   So this is my submission for this weeks photo challenge.   Hope you like it.   I’m actually thinking about printing and framing it to hang in my scrapbook area.   

 Remember to look for and really see, the simple things in life.  You will be so glad you did.


Moving right along

Movement:  The act or process of moving; esp: change of place of position or posture.   At least that’s what my Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary gives as the definition.   I personally can sum it up in one word – Rileigh!   She is without a doubt constantly on the move unless she is asleep!  She is a joy to watch and you can’t help but love the little stinker – well, most of the time anyway.    This past weekend I found our cat Cassie in Rileigh’s crate and Rileigh in the Cassie’s bed – too cute!!!









 Movement is this week’s photo challenge subject for Shutterboo (  If you haven’t yet visited her website, viewed her flickr group or joined in on the challenges  – you are missing out.  There are some really creative people out there.   People that think waaaayyyyy outside of the box (well, my box anyway).   I want to be more like that, the getting out of my comfort zone kindof thing.   And I guess in some way just keeping up with this blog is doing that for me.   It’s a small step but it’s a step.

Anyway moving back (get it – moving) to the photo challenge.   I bet you will never guess what I took for pictures of movement.    Aww shucks, that was too easy.  You knew it would be Rileigh because I gave it away in the first paragraph, didn’t I?   Oh, well.  



I just love the way her ears are flying forward in that picture.   I promise not to turn this into a “Rileigh blog” entirely, but she is just too cute not to include in my pictures.  She’s not camera shy at all, but she does have trouble sitting still – thus the appropriateness of “movement” for pictures of her.

That one is blury but it is still  too funny! What a great picture if it had been clearer. This was a great challenge.  I loved trying to capture just the right shot to convey the feeling of movement in the picture.  The way I decided to capture movement was by panning with the subject as it moved past me or towards me.   I enlisted the help of my husband and a new squeaky ball.  It was so much fun watching them play and then to see the pictures of her running was hilarious, even the really blurry ones. 

This is one subject that I want to play around with some more.  I wish this subject was two weeks long but that’s okay I can still work with it on my own.   Here is the picture I chose to submit to Shutterboo’s flickr group.    It’s not absolutely perfecto but it’s not too shabby for a first go. 


Hope you have a moving week everyone.



Well Thought Out Plans

Well thought out plans can only get you so far.   Take for example my “plan” to go to the lake on Sunday and take pictures for this weeks Shutterboo photo challenge of circles.   I had such a good idea, or so I thought, for this week.  I was going to take pictures of the concentric circles created when you through a little rock or something into the water.  But wouldn’t you know it, apparently I picked the windest day of the year to do it.   Needless to say it looked like we were at the ocean rather than the lake.   See exhibit A below:

So I had to put on the ole thinking cap and come up with something else.   Something creative and fun yet still do-able on short notice, since I like to get this done over the weekend since sometimes the weekdays can be crazy.    I have to credit my husband with this idea though, it wasn’t me.   But I like it.   Our new puppy Rileigh loves to play, and especially with balls.  


Frequently she tries to play with more than one toy at a time and it can be rather funny to watch her try to pick up a toy when she already has one in her mouth.   Out of this thought process bloomed the following pictures.


  Isn’t she just the cutest little thing ever!!!!   So how many circles can you count?

 Thanks for looking.