Purple and the blues

I haven’t really been feeling very much like snapping pictures this week.   I think it is partly because the weather has taken a dip back into the cooler tips and rain has been hanging around too.   But I want to make sure I continue to participate in Shutterboo’s weekly challenge and this week’s subject is purple.   So I ran out in the front yard and snapped a couple pictures of these…

bluebells.   I least I think that is what you call them.  They look purple to me, so I’m going with it.  Yeah, yeah, I know the name says “blue” but give me a break will ya?  You probably noticed that I did a little more editing than usual on this one.   I’m trying out a program that I had heard about called Picnik.   It’s really kindof cool.   Lots of things you can tweak in your pictures and I am especially liking the way I can watermark my photos with this program.  

I’m always, always trying to get a good picture of the different kinds of birds that come to our feeder in the backyard.   I need to look these up in my bird book because I don’t have a clue what kind they are but I didn’t take the time to do that today.    So here are a few bird pictures that I edited and watermarked with Picnik.

Well, actually I do know what that big red bird is called, it’s a cardinal – duh!   It’s the other ones I don’t know.   I’ll work on that for you.

The Picnik program has a free verson and it is definitely work giving a try.  I think you’ll find it worthwhile.   Maybe next week will be a better “picture taking” week for me.  

Until next time then!!!



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