My Past

Before I was interested in photography and scrapbooking, I was interested in genealogy.   I still am to a certain extent I guess, but not as much as back then.   So I have a special interest in the past.   When the subject for Shutterboo’s weekly challenge was “past” I had so many ideas running through my head I didn’t know where to start.   But I had to choose and here is what clicked first


This is THE box of button from my maternal grandmother’s house.   She was a special person in my life and an excellent seamstress.  She sewed clothes, hand-stitched quilts and crocheted many afghans, hats and shawls.   She lived very close to us my entire life, being a big part of it, and therefore holds an extra special place in my heart.  All of the grandchildren (and even a great grandchild ) played with these buttons.   They’re not a pretty collection, or a particularly photogenic collection but they are a treasured collection to my family, and I am blessed to be their keeper.    Another treasure from my maternal grandmother is this

a homemade highchair.   It most certainly is not glamorous but it was functional for this family with 12 children.    I’m not sure my grandmother ever used it as she was the oldest of the children but a lot of bottoms did rest here throughout the years.    I treasure this family heirloom as well.  

I am one of those people who looks at old things and sees its history.   I like to imagine what its life held or where it’s been.   I guess that seems strange to some but not to me.  I don’t mind being around old people either.  I mean I don’t seek them out but they certainly are interesting if you just pay attention to them.   I especially like to hear them talk about things from the past.   After my grandmother died, I was delighted to be given this book.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of the book was and I know it is older, much older than my grandmother.   The front has the date August the 12 1865.   It has lots of little handwritten notes and poems signed by lots of different people.   I guess it’s a lot like signing someone’s annual only this was just a book, no pictures.   Tucked inside are family photos from the early 1900’s, letters from family members from the late 1800’s, obituary clippings from the newspaper dated 1970’s, even score sheets from my generation.   It’s quite a collection and most definitely another of my treasures.   This last picture was my contribution for Shutterboo’s photo challenge for week 11 “past”. 

I love the way all the memorbilia fills the frame and nothing in particular is in focus other than the spine of the book itself.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.



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