I said I wouldn’t…

Yep, I said I wouldn’t do it and I didn’t.   Well, I kindof did, but I didn’t.   Let me explain.    Shutterboo’s photo challenge subject for this week is “curves”.   The first thing I thought of was a curvy road and I figured that was way too easy and I just wasn’t gonna go there.  And I didn’t, not really.   But I kindof partly did.    I didn’t use a curvy road picture for the challenge but I did take some curvy, walking path pictures which were similar to a curvy road.  So, I’m not really sure if that counts or not.  Since I ended up not using any of them I’m gonna say it doesn’t count.   And since it only matters to me, I guess I can say whatever I want about it counting or not, huh?

 Here’s what I thought was the “best” of the curvy path pictures. 


It was okay but nothing special in my opinion.    While taking path pictures I captured this and thought the color was nice, but still wasn’t what I was looking for.


I love that spring is popping up everywhere.   The walking path runs along this beautiful lake and I took this picture at the same time as the others above.

 I came very close to using it for my submission for the challenge.  I really like the curve of the bank and how it draws you into the picture.   BUT, while picking up puppy toys (imagine that) I glimpsed a view I probably otherwise would have missed.   THIS was it!  

I love the curve and the shadow and even the blury electrical plug in the background. It’s the leg of an end table in my living room.  I guess I owe this picture to my little sweetie cutie, Rileigh.  If she didn’t make such a mess with her toys I might never have seen it or thought of it.  

Lesson learned for me this week:   Don’t forget to look beyond “eye-level” for interesting subjects and unique angles.   

May your path be as curvy (fun) as you can handle, but always lead you to the place you should be at that time in your life.


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