Puppy Life

I can’t believe how much this little puppy face is taking up my play time. 


No, I’m not complaining, she is wonderful and I love her to pieces.   I’m just stating a fact.    She requires a lot of attention right now because of the housebreaking and stuff.   I know that part will get better/easier as time passes.   Also she (we) started puppy training classes this week.  I think this is going to be so much fun  – once she gets past been scared to death. 

She just sat in mine or my husband’s lap shaking the whole time we were at class.  She was the only puppy (as far as I could tell) that did not know what a leash was all about so that was interesting.   Of course I do think at 10 weeks she is the youngest in her class.  The others are all about 12 weeks or more and 2 weeks can make a BIG difference in puppy terms.   We, yes we – as in all three of us, have homework to do this week.   I hope she does well with this, and I know that a lot of that will depend on how well we do our part.  I really really want her to be a good doggie.   She doesn’t have to be the smartest, or the fastest, or anything else but just be good mannered (no jumping on people, no biting people even if it’s just playing, and most important – no peeing on other people’s floor when she’s visiting).   But isn’t that pretty much what all moms want from their kiddos – no peeing on other people’s floor? 

She loves to play with her squeaky ball and pick up sticks outside.  She keeps trying to sneak past me and bring a stick in the house.  

I can’t believe she gained 1 whole pound over the last two weeks.  I guess she does seem a little bigger to me though.   Now if she will only grow into those ears – they are real whoppers  right now, huh?

 I’ll try not to bore you too much with all the happenings in the life of Rileigh, but proud puppy-moms have to do what they have to do.  

Rileigh’s mom


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