Mess? What Mess?

That mess, and that mess and THAT mess!!!   Every where I look I see a mess.  A new puppy creates messes everywhere.  Potty training is especially messy.  Top that with a pouring down rainy day (or two) forming a swamp in the backyard and there is your mess.  


I’m not a particularly great housekeeper either.  All you have to do is look around my house to find the dust and cobwebs lurking in the corners, draped from the ceiling to the curtain top and protectively covering the various tabletops throughout the house.  


So why am I telling the world wide web my messy little secrets – Shutterboo’s photo challenge subject for the week – mess – that’s why.   You would think with all this mess in my little corner of the world it would be an easy challenge for me – not so much.  Mess, in my opinion, is not particularly photogenic.  But here’s my submission for this week


Again this week I blame it on the “New Puppy Syndrome” I’m obviously suffering.  I wonder how long I can keep “blaming it on the dog”?  Because of my new self-diagnosed syndrome my blog entries may be on the shorter side for a while, at least until she is house-broke.   But she is SOOOO worth it.   Look at this face and you will see she is completely adorable!


Sweet puppy kisses to all.



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