White stuff

White – are you kiddin’ me?   That was my first reaction when I found out that the subject for the photo challenge this week is White.    I mean really, we’ve had snowy white stuff for almost the whole last month and now that the weather is nice and we can actually get outside and enjoy it, the subject is white.   Okay – get a grip and deal with it.  

As usual, I spent a couple days just trying to think of something white that I wanted to photograph.  It took a while but finally I decided on bubbles.

I have to tell you though that white is not an easy color to photograph.    I’m sure there are some special instructions or settings that make this a piece of cake.   But I didn’t find them – (psst… I didn’t look, just call me lazy).    Anyway the photo shoot begin with filling the kitchen sink with bubbles.  Easy enough.

Then of course you have to play in them a little bit, just for the fun of it.   Who hasn’t “built” something out of bubbles in the bath before, come on it’s fun!

I’m not exactly sure what it is suppose to be but  use your imagination and come up with something – keep it clean people, this blog is rated PG.     

Okay, this wasn’t really the images I wanted.  I was having a hard time getting the camera to focus.   All you smart photographers out there leave me a post about how to take pictures of bubbles, would you please?   Thanks.    So I decided I need a more dramatic background – black cardstock will work.  

I’m still not happy with it.  Do you think my color is off or something?   The cardstock doesn’t really even look black.   Somethings not right.  So I’m complaining (whining actually) about all this and my sweet husband says why don’t you just take a picture of the angel that sits in the middle of the dining room table.   OMgoodness, I didn’t even think about that.  

Beautiful!   I love it.  But I’m still a little obscessed with the bubbles sitting in the sink.  So I head back over there just to snap off a couple more in hopes of getting just the right shot.   And what do you know, this is what I got.

I just love the depth and the angle of this picture.  And guess what – it works because its a WHITE windowsill!!!     After I saw the first shot of the windowsill I knew I loved it but I did take a few more to tweak the angle and view a little more.   Yep, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.     What do you think – bubbles?   angel?  or windowsill?

Thanks for reading!



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