What are You Afraid of?

Let’s face it, we’re all afraid of something.  It might be as small as a spider or as big as a body of water but it’s still legit.  Personally, I try not to focus on my fears.   I’d rather just ignore them most of the time but when I can’t ignore them I try to mentally talk myself through them.  I guess most people do that, huh?    

 Fear seems like something you can’t physically put your hands on – I mean you can put your hands on what is causing your fear but not the fear itself.    So when the weekly photo challenge subject for Shutterboo this week was “fear” I had a hard time translating that into something I could capture in a picture.   

Working in Pathology certainly played a big role in my thought process as well as what I photographed this week.  At first I considered cancer for a subject because I believe that most people fear getting cancer at some point in their life.   But I decided those pictures could be a little too gruesome for what I wanted to convey.   


After a little more thought I decided to focus on fear in a more general way – a way that I think pretty much everyone can relate to at some point.

 All of us at some point in our life has feared or will fear the unkown, the yet unrevealed to us, results of some medical test whether it be a home pregnancy test or Strep test or something more extensive.   We have faith that it will all be okay.   We trust God to take care of it and take care of us.  Yet human nature still creates fear.   It is how we treat fear that speaks of who we are as a person.  


This was an interesting, thought provoking subject for sure.  Very deep!  The last picture is my submission for the challenge.    

Thanks for reading,



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