Candy – yummy candy!

Candy – beautiful, sugary, colorful, yummy candy!   And oh, the smell………..there’s nothing quite like it.    Whether it’s chocolate or caramel or whatever……it’s just awesomeness in a hands-on, in-the-mouth form.  

On a recent trip to Gatlinburg with the girls.   I went in this fabulous candy shop.    In case you are not familiar with Gatlinburg, TN, views of The Great Smoky Mountians, shopping and candy shops are what it’s all about (well, to me anyway).     Most of the shops make their own candies.  And during peak tourist season you can actually watch them making it, which I love to do.    Since we were there “off-season” not a lot was going on.    The first shop we went into was okay.   It had lots of taffy and a few other items but was kindof dark inside.    But oh, oh, ohhh  – the second shop we went into…….well that was a different story.    

As soon as I entered the store I knew I wanted to take pictures.   So I asked one of the ladies working there and she said yes, go ahead.    As I was leaving she gave me a little pamphlet about the store (which has been serving homemade candies since 1939) and told me how wonderful she thought it was that I was taking pictures inside their shop.   A really sweet lady — get it “sweet”.   By the way, if you go – be sure to visit Aunt Mahalia’s Candy Store, right on the parkway in Gatlinburg.   

Anyway, back to the real sweet stuff.     It was really a bit overwhelming trying to pick out something to buy.   I went in for the caramel things I saw in the window, but my goodness the choices were enormous.   Just look at all the different kinds of candy-coated apples.

The colors in the shop really made the place stand out.  Everywhere you looked it was just incredibly colorful. 

I finally decided on a sampler box that I would share with the other girls.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I could have consumed it all but I didn’t think that would be what Aunt Mahalia would want from me.   I have to tell you though, every time I look at these pictures it makes me want to try something else that was not in the sampler box.  It might be a good thing I don’t live close by.    I can almost smell the place now……….ummmmmm!

I now completely understand the phase  “like a kid in a candy shop”!

This week’s  shutterboo photo challenge ( )  subject is “repetition”  and I used this last picture for my submission.   I can just picture the repetition of dipping one apple after another, after another.

So now that you are drooling on your keyboard, have a great day!



One thought on “Candy – yummy candy!

  1. LOVE the pictures. Makes me want to go back and try something else! I didn’t notice when we were there, but did you notice the floor? Looks familiar! Thanks for sharing these delicious photos!

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