Yes, I’ve been a little pre-occupied this weekend (as some of you already knew).   I spent the weekend out of town at a scrapbook retreat.  They’re incredible and they’re not just for scrapbookers, check out their website at  Then we picked up our new puppy when I got home on Sunday.  Now THAT will keep you pre-occupied for sure.   We’ve always had cats and they are pretty self sufficient even from a young age.   And the last time we had a little kitten was about 19 years ago.  So to say we have forgotten what its like to have a little one in the house would probably be an understatement.  

She’s adorable and did really well her first night.   She did have to go peepee at 4:30am but then again I did too so I completely understand.  She’s already stole my heart and my husband’s too!   I’m pretty sure she will be spoiled.   One thing that I thought was pretty funny – both “grandmothers” called to make sure we made it home with our new baby last night.   One even offered to keep her when we go out of town.   Yep!  Spoiled!

Anyway, the subject for Shutterboo’s challenge this week is large.  I didn’t completely neglect it, I’ve been thinking about it off and on throughout the weekend.   We live fairly close to a water tower and some of those big power line things and since I was really more interested in picking up Rileigh (our puppy) I thought they might be an easy target.   Easy is such a relative term, isn’t it?   They were easy to get to but I’m not really pleased with the outcome of the pictures.    This first one, of the water tower well…

I kindof like the angle but the coloring seemed all wrong.  So I played around in my photo editing program and came up with this.

This is the original from the electric lines

And here is the edited one.  

Both shots have nice lines but I finally decided on the last one of the electric lines for this weeks challenge upload for Shutterboo.   I worked a little on the editing aspect of pictures this weekend but I have to admit, that sweet little puppy face is what’s on my mind most.  

Thanks for looking and wish me luck with the new puppy!


Disclaimer:   Any typos or errors on this post are attributed to “new puppy syndrome” and I am not responsible for how long this disease lasts.


White stuff

White – are you kiddin’ me?   That was my first reaction when I found out that the subject for the photo challenge this week is White.    I mean really, we’ve had snowy white stuff for almost the whole last month and now that the weather is nice and we can actually get outside and enjoy it, the subject is white.   Okay – get a grip and deal with it.  

As usual, I spent a couple days just trying to think of something white that I wanted to photograph.  It took a while but finally I decided on bubbles.

I have to tell you though that white is not an easy color to photograph.    I’m sure there are some special instructions or settings that make this a piece of cake.   But I didn’t find them – (psst… I didn’t look, just call me lazy).    Anyway the photo shoot begin with filling the kitchen sink with bubbles.  Easy enough.

Then of course you have to play in them a little bit, just for the fun of it.   Who hasn’t “built” something out of bubbles in the bath before, come on it’s fun!

I’m not exactly sure what it is suppose to be but  use your imagination and come up with something – keep it clean people, this blog is rated PG.     

Okay, this wasn’t really the images I wanted.  I was having a hard time getting the camera to focus.   All you smart photographers out there leave me a post about how to take pictures of bubbles, would you please?   Thanks.    So I decided I need a more dramatic background – black cardstock will work.  

I’m still not happy with it.  Do you think my color is off or something?   The cardstock doesn’t really even look black.   Somethings not right.  So I’m complaining (whining actually) about all this and my sweet husband says why don’t you just take a picture of the angel that sits in the middle of the dining room table.   OMgoodness, I didn’t even think about that.  

Beautiful!   I love it.  But I’m still a little obscessed with the bubbles sitting in the sink.  So I head back over there just to snap off a couple more in hopes of getting just the right shot.   And what do you know, this is what I got.

I just love the depth and the angle of this picture.  And guess what – it works because its a WHITE windowsill!!!     After I saw the first shot of the windowsill I knew I loved it but I did take a few more to tweak the angle and view a little more.   Yep, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.     What do you think – bubbles?   angel?  or windowsill?

Thanks for reading!


What are You Afraid of?

Let’s face it, we’re all afraid of something.  It might be as small as a spider or as big as a body of water but it’s still legit.  Personally, I try not to focus on my fears.   I’d rather just ignore them most of the time but when I can’t ignore them I try to mentally talk myself through them.  I guess most people do that, huh?    

 Fear seems like something you can’t physically put your hands on – I mean you can put your hands on what is causing your fear but not the fear itself.    So when the weekly photo challenge subject for Shutterboo this week was “fear” I had a hard time translating that into something I could capture in a picture.   

Working in Pathology certainly played a big role in my thought process as well as what I photographed this week.  At first I considered cancer for a subject because I believe that most people fear getting cancer at some point in their life.   But I decided those pictures could be a little too gruesome for what I wanted to convey.   


After a little more thought I decided to focus on fear in a more general way – a way that I think pretty much everyone can relate to at some point.

 All of us at some point in our life has feared or will fear the unkown, the yet unrevealed to us, results of some medical test whether it be a home pregnancy test or Strep test or something more extensive.   We have faith that it will all be okay.   We trust God to take care of it and take care of us.  Yet human nature still creates fear.   It is how we treat fear that speaks of who we are as a person.  


This was an interesting, thought provoking subject for sure.  Very deep!  The last picture is my submission for the challenge.    

Thanks for reading,


Candy – yummy candy!

Candy – beautiful, sugary, colorful, yummy candy!   And oh, the smell………..there’s nothing quite like it.    Whether it’s chocolate or caramel or whatever……it’s just awesomeness in a hands-on, in-the-mouth form.  

On a recent trip to Gatlinburg with the girls.   I went in this fabulous candy shop.    In case you are not familiar with Gatlinburg, TN, views of The Great Smoky Mountians, shopping and candy shops are what it’s all about (well, to me anyway).     Most of the shops make their own candies.  And during peak tourist season you can actually watch them making it, which I love to do.    Since we were there “off-season” not a lot was going on.    The first shop we went into was okay.   It had lots of taffy and a few other items but was kindof dark inside.    But oh, oh, ohhh  – the second shop we went into…….well that was a different story.    

As soon as I entered the store I knew I wanted to take pictures.   So I asked one of the ladies working there and she said yes, go ahead.    As I was leaving she gave me a little pamphlet about the store (which has been serving homemade candies since 1939) and told me how wonderful she thought it was that I was taking pictures inside their shop.   A really sweet lady — get it “sweet”.   By the way, if you go – be sure to visit Aunt Mahalia’s Candy Store, right on the parkway in Gatlinburg.   

Anyway, back to the real sweet stuff.     It was really a bit overwhelming trying to pick out something to buy.   I went in for the caramel things I saw in the window, but my goodness the choices were enormous.   Just look at all the different kinds of candy-coated apples.

The colors in the shop really made the place stand out.  Everywhere you looked it was just incredibly colorful. 

I finally decided on a sampler box that I would share with the other girls.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I could have consumed it all but I didn’t think that would be what Aunt Mahalia would want from me.   I have to tell you though, every time I look at these pictures it makes me want to try something else that was not in the sampler box.  It might be a good thing I don’t live close by.    I can almost smell the place now……….ummmmmm!

I now completely understand the phase  “like a kid in a candy shop”!

This week’s  shutterboo photo challenge ( )  subject is “repetition”  and I used this last picture for my submission.   I can just picture the repetition of dipping one apple after another, after another.

So now that you are drooling on your keyboard, have a great day!