Happy Accidents

This week Shutterboo’s photo challenge subject was “sign”.   I’ve kind of been there and done that.   What I mean is that when I first started this blog it was a photo challenge blog and one of my subjects or “shout-outs” was for signs.   I had some neat signs but I really didn’t want to go there again this time.   So I’ve been racking my brain all weekend trying to come up with something different and creative and yet fairly easy to shoot.    I spent a four day weekend with the girls out of town and even had them keeping their eyes open for interesting and unusual signs.   I also thought of  sign language, but the only person I know that knows sign language is Ms. Fay and she’s in the hospital right now so I didn’t think I should ask her to model for me.  (Get well soon Ms. Fay – love you!)

Suddenly tonight while watching TV I had an idea  —- zodiac sign.   My sign is Cancer or the Crab, and I just happen to have picked up a crab magnet while on vacation a couple years ago.    AND since my half bath is decorated in a beach theme I’m thinking this should come together without too much stress.   And it did, kindof.  

With all good pictures, there are always the shots that don’t make the cut.    First

you need to pull the elements together to set the scene.   I needed sand, uh, no, I don’t think so, a little too messy – so in steps sand colored bath rug.     Next a nice basket with beach towel draped over it for a nice colorful background.  Then fill in with some shells and  lastly add the crab.   

Next start shooting.    You just keep trying different angles and different positions for the crab itself and adjusting the accent elements around the crab and you shoot some more until you mess up and get your hand in front of the flash and well fancy that,

it ends up being the one you like the best.   In scrapbooking terms we would call that a “happy accident”.      Hope all your accidents are happy ones.  

Thanks for reading.


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