Desperate for photos

 I’ve been feeling kindof itchy to photograph something, anything.    There just doesn’t seem to be anything that comes to mind, or that has really struck my fancy, so to speak.   I did come up with something though.   It seems kind of lame in a way but then again it’s not ALL about what you’re shooting, some of it is about the shot itself – right?   At least that is what I keep telling myself.   And at least it makes me feel a little less anxious about wanting to take a picture of just about anything and yet nothing at all.   

I decided to photograph my current favorite…..pair of…..wait for it……wait for it….

shoes!   That’s right, shoes.    I know there are several people (women) out there that have a closet full of shoes.  I myself have several pairs.  However it may be kindof unusual as a female, but I don’t really obsess over shoes.   

I have a tendency to find a pair or two that I really like and just wear them until they fall apart.  Then,  after they’re worn out, I might even go back and buy the exact same shoe again, same color everything.  Weird, I know, but it works for me.  You probably can’t tell from these pictures but the bottoms of these boots are pretty well worn.  

I told my sister about them and she got a pair in black.   I loved hers so much not long after that I decided to order a pair just like them in black too.  (I do that alot, get the same thing in every color available.)    But wouldn’t you know, they were sold out.   AND they were not getting any more in.   That’s right, I wasn’t going to get them in black 😦  sad, sad day for me.

Anyway, they are a fabulous pair of boots!   But if you want a pair for yourslf then I guess you are just out of luck.   Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this.   The other day I was going to order some other boots and went to check to see what size my favorites were and guess what – they are two different sizes!   Can you believe that?   I double checked one is clearly labeled  7 1/2  and the other is not as clear but obviously an 8.   Hmmmm, maybe THAT is why they feel so good – maybe my feet are two different sizes!   Interesting. 

See ya next time,



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