Happy Accidents

This week Shutterboo’s photo challenge subject was “sign”.   I’ve kind of been there and done that.   What I mean is that when I first started this blog it was a photo challenge blog and one of my subjects or “shout-outs” was for signs.   I had some neat signs but I really didn’t want to go there again this time.   So I’ve been racking my brain all weekend trying to come up with something different and creative and yet fairly easy to shoot.    I spent a four day weekend with the girls out of town and even had them keeping their eyes open for interesting and unusual signs.   I also thought of  sign language, but the only person I know that knows sign language is Ms. Fay and she’s in the hospital right now so I didn’t think I should ask her to model for me.  (Get well soon Ms. Fay – love you!)

Suddenly tonight while watching TV I had an idea  —- zodiac sign.   My sign is Cancer or the Crab, and I just happen to have picked up a crab magnet while on vacation a couple years ago.    AND since my half bath is decorated in a beach theme I’m thinking this should come together without too much stress.   And it did, kindof.  

With all good pictures, there are always the shots that don’t make the cut.    First

you need to pull the elements together to set the scene.   I needed sand, uh, no, I don’t think so, a little too messy – so in steps sand colored bath rug.     Next a nice basket with beach towel draped over it for a nice colorful background.  Then fill in with some shells and  lastly add the crab.   

Next start shooting.    You just keep trying different angles and different positions for the crab itself and adjusting the accent elements around the crab and you shoot some more until you mess up and get your hand in front of the flash and well fancy that,

it ends up being the one you like the best.   In scrapbooking terms we would call that a “happy accident”.      Hope all your accidents are happy ones.  

Thanks for reading.


Cold and Dreary

The cold and dreary days of winter are beginning to get to me.   The snow and cold weather seemed to start earlier than normal this year.   We have had an unusual amount of snowfall here and frankly I’m over it!   Give me some sunshine and warmth please!   I think I may have that SAD thing – you know, Seasonal Affective Disorder.   Some of you probably thought I had a disorder all along and just didn’t know what to call it, well now you know!

So in an effort to cheer myself up and get over the gloomies, I’ve signed up to participate in a couple of weekly photo challenges.   This can be pretty challenging when the snow keeps you from wandering too far from home.    Especially since I don’t think too many things in my home are particularly photogenic.  But I guess that is where the creativity comes in, huh?  If you’re interested in joining the challenges the info is below.

The first challenge I’m joining in with is very low key and pretty much anything goes.  You can upload as many pictures as you like AND you can upload to any specific challenge number at anytime.   This really gives you lots of room to think about the subjects and post things a few weeks later if you come across the perfect shot.   The challenge is at www.splitcoaststampers.com under the photography section at the right hand side of the screen.  Some of you cardmakers and scrapbookers are probably familiar with this website.  It’s a great place to go for inspiration for lots of crafting ideas.   About 6 months ago I discovered the photography section and I’ve been hovering around it ever since.  This year I decided to participate on a regular basis.   This weeks subject is “Sing, Sing a Song” -a picture that makes you think about a song or song title.  My first picture to post is from a scrapbook layout we just finished in club and is perfect for this subject.  Take a look

The second picture I’m posting was a setup.   Here’s a little background.  I have this funny looking little one-eyed monster sitting on my desk at work and when you squeeze it’s foot, it sings “Sugar, awww honey, honey” from the Archies, only its not the Archies singing.  It’s someone like me singing who can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  It’s pretty cute.   Anyway, my picture is really more the second part of the song “Honey, aww sugar, sugar”.

It was really fun trying to come up with something that really represented the song.   That may be a little backwards since the song inspired the picture rather than the picture inspiring the song.  But who cares, right, it’s just for fun.

The second challenge I’m participating in is a bit more structured.   She really wants you to learn and push yourself.  When the subject is announced  you have the next week to come up with your picture.  Creativity is a plus in your shot.   She definitely is inspiring me to compose my shots better and really think outside the box.    It’s challenging and that’s a big part of why I like it.    Her website is www.shutterboo.com  I missed the first two week’s subjects which were “electricity” and “joy” but put in a wimpy response to the third week which was “control”.   This week is “colorful” and I think I have a couple of pretty good shots.  See what you think.

Isn’t that colorful?   I really like it.  Those are  my Stampin’ Up! pastels (chalks). 

And my colorful Stampin’ Up! markers.    My first thought for “colorful” was to go to a paint store and take pictures of the wall of paint samples but that just didn’t happen.  Partly because I’m trying to hibernate through winter with this SAD thing and all.   Of course that is self diagnosed.   There are a couple of things that are keeping me going during this SAD time of my life – one is a girlfriend/scrapbooking weekend in Pigeon Forge in just 4 days!!!!!   The other is a week long trip to the beach with the girls in June!

Ah, yes, I think I might survive winter after all!


Desperate for photos

 I’ve been feeling kindof itchy to photograph something, anything.    There just doesn’t seem to be anything that comes to mind, or that has really struck my fancy, so to speak.   I did come up with something though.   It seems kind of lame in a way but then again it’s not ALL about what you’re shooting, some of it is about the shot itself – right?   At least that is what I keep telling myself.   And at least it makes me feel a little less anxious about wanting to take a picture of just about anything and yet nothing at all.   

I decided to photograph my current favorite…..pair of…..wait for it……wait for it….

shoes!   That’s right, shoes.    I know there are several people (women) out there that have a closet full of shoes.  I myself have several pairs.  However it may be kindof unusual as a female, but I don’t really obsess over shoes.   

I have a tendency to find a pair or two that I really like and just wear them until they fall apart.  Then,  after they’re worn out, I might even go back and buy the exact same shoe again, same color everything.  Weird, I know, but it works for me.  You probably can’t tell from these pictures but the bottoms of these boots are pretty well worn.  

I told my sister about them and she got a pair in black.   I loved hers so much not long after that I decided to order a pair just like them in black too.  (I do that alot, get the same thing in every color available.)    But wouldn’t you know, they were sold out.   AND they were not getting any more in.   That’s right, I wasn’t going to get them in black 😦  sad, sad day for me.

Anyway, they are a fabulous pair of boots!   But if you want a pair for yourslf then I guess you are just out of luck.   Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this.   The other day I was going to order some other boots and went to check to see what size my favorites were and guess what – they are two different sizes!   Can you believe that?   I double checked one is clearly labeled  7 1/2  and the other is not as clear but obviously an 8.   Hmmmm, maybe THAT is why they feel so good – maybe my feet are two different sizes!   Interesting. 

See ya next time,