Shout Out #9 – Create Your Own

Have you ever been to one of those resturaunts where the menu has a “create your own” section?    I think those are great.   You can usually get a little bit of two or three different items which is really great when you can’t make up your mind, which happens all the time to me.   Anyway, that’s what this week’s Shout Out is all about – creating your own shout out subject.   I guess really that’s kindof like saying post whatever recent pictures you have that you are especially fond of at the moment.   

The first picture from me is one that I snapped with my little point and shoot camera of some ice crystals on my windshield one morning.   I just thought they were really pretty and unique. 

I wanted to snap a picture of some beautiful little snowflakes on my windshield one morning last week only to find when I took out my point and shoot that it had busted into a million pieces when I feel on the ice a couple days before.   While I’m sad about my camera I am sooooo thankful that it was not me busted into a million pieces. 

Being as we are so close to Christmas here are a couple pictures of our humble little tree.   I think I’m a bit lazy when it comes to decorating.  I want everything to look nice I just don’t want to do the work to make it happen.  Since it is just the two of us and we hardly ever have company, it doesn’t really seem worth the effort.  But I still need something and I prefer it to look nice.  We also don’t really have a very good place for a big tree but I think this one is nice all the same. 

The next one is definitely one of my favorites right now.  You see I received an early Christmas present from my husband – a new lens for my camera – a 35 mm lens which “closely matches a 50mm lens in the FX format and is perceived to be a natural lens as it provides an undistorted angle of view that is similar to what the unaided human eye perceives” according to the product description.  One thing it does is allow you to get really close to your subject.   That is what I was playing with when I snapped this picture.

Don’t those look yummy?

I have saved my very most current fave for last – of course!!!!   This is just decoration hanging on our front door – I’m not even sure what you call it, a swag maybe?  I actually bought it to hang on the outside of the door but the little sticky hook thing wouldn’t stick to the door in the freezing cold, so I hung it on the inside of the door.   It’s really a picture of nothing special yet I just love the colors and the clarity of the picture.   See what I mean?

That’s all for me folks, at least for now.   Since I’ve left the field WIDE OPEN I hope to see some of your current favorites.  

Merry Christmas to each one of you! May you have the most blessed Christmas possible.


P.S. I have an announcement coming the week after Christmas!!!!!!!  Stay tuned!!!


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