Lights, what lights?

Really now, who’s bright idea (pun intended) was it to have a Shout Out subject of lights?   

This has been really hard this week.   I didn’t want it to be just about Christmas lights but other creative light pictures were hard to come by this week.  The picture above had a starburst effect added using the filter effects on my camera, so it was really easy.   I need to learn more about all those filter effects on my camera I guess.  Check back with me on that one. 

Maybe I was too busy thinking about what to get who for Christmas instead of thinking about creative light shots, I don’t know.  Anyway I have a few to share with you and I will keep trying to think of some and post them later in the week if that really happens.  (I wouldn’t hold my breath guys, this week is gonna be a busy one.)

First up:   soft, romantic, elegant……

candlelight.   Isn’t that beautiful?  I’m betting most of us have a candle burning around our house most of the time but getting a good picture of one without reflections is not all that easy.   Go ahead, give it a try – I dare you!   And then let me know if you had reflection issues. 

Next up is a little experiment I did with what is called light painting.   

I don’t think I did very well at this but it was fun and I will be trying it again.   Maybe I can do an entire Shout Out subject on light painting and see what happens…ummm (note to self:  write that down before you forget).  

Last but not least is my favorite Christmas light shot so far this year. 

This wasn’t a planned, well thought out picture like some of the ones above which makes it all the more special to me.  I snapped it very quickly as we entered one of the drive-thru light shows around town.   I just love the way some of the trees were captured in the foreground at each side, the reflection of the lights in the water, and how clear the lights themselves are captured.   If you’ve tried to capture Christmas lights at night without a tripod you know how hard that can be, almost impossible.  So I’m chalking this one up to just being blessed.  

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.


BTW, if you have any suggestions for future Shout Outs just leave me a comment.  I’m always looking for new ideas.


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