Shout Out #8 Lights

Did you miss me?    Well sometimes life just catches up with you, doesn’t it?    I really have no excuse for not posting for the past couple weeks so I won’t bore you with my whining.  

Let’s dive right into another Shout-Out subject…lights!   I know the first thing that comes to mind will be Christmas lights

 and that is fine, but let’s not focus just on Christmas lights, let’s try to be really creative and snap some photos of other types of lights.  

How about a favorite or memorable lamp?  

 This lamp belonged to my great grandmother.    My sisters, my cousins and I would often spend the night with my great grandparents and this lamp was in the bedroom where we slept.  There are very special memories for me when I look at this lamp.  It now sits beside my bed.  

Or maybe you can snap a quick picture of a traffic light somewhere.  And I hate to state the obvious here, but just for liability issues – PLEASE DO NOT take pictures while driving!!!!!!   

Now which way to Saundersville Road???? 

Maybe someone can get a picture of lights at a railroad crossing.  That would be interesting.   I have this one from back in the summer of an antique railroad light that I think is pretty unique.

It looks kindof sad doesn’t it, two eyes with droopy lids and a frowny face.

I’m gonna be on the look out for some unique light shots myself, so check back next week to see what I find.   In the meantime, upload your shots to the flickr group and let’s see who can come up with the most creative shot.   Creative can be what’s in the picture,  perspective from which the picture was taken or creativity with the shot itself (like light painting).

Now, LIGHTS…camera…and…….click.



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