Shout Out #7 Cars – not the movie

So here’s a big ole shout out for pictures of your car!  Oh yeah, it might not be an actual car, it might be a truck or an SUV but you get the point.  We’ve all got one, but have you ever thought about taking pictures of it?  Well now’s the time!   Or maybe you want to show us your dream car.   I don’t think I really have a dream car, at least I can’t think of one right at the moment.   I like my car and I really like that it’s paid for in full. Someday, down the road, I think I would like to have an SUV but I’m in no hurry to start making payments again.  So back to my current mode of transportation.  

I just love this little angel that hangs from my rear view mirror.   It’s just a little plastic ornament that my mom gave me several Christmases ago (at least 10).   I just can’t seem to take it down and replace it.   Even when one of the wings broke off I just left it hanging there.   Then one day I found the wing in the floor and glued it back together.  Then the inside of the car got really hot one summer day and the glue melted and it fell off again.   But I glued it back and so far so good.  


 Just out of curiosity, have you ever wondered what it would be like looking out from inside your trunk?   Me neither, at least not until I started thinking about ways to photograph my car.   So how’s this?

Not very attractive, huh?  I just love the timer on my camera though, it makes shots like that possible without actually having to crawl into the trunk, which for me would really be a sight to behold!   Of course I had to get a shot of the dashboard since that’s what I see the most when driving.   So I snapped this one last night.


Oops I’m not wearing my seatbelt!   Good thing I was just sitting in the driveway.   I guess taking pictures while driving would probably fall into the same category as texting while drive – JUST DON’T!!!!!!!

Now I know you have a vehicle and I’m pretty sure you have a camera, so think about some creative and interesting shots you can take and let’s see them!    I’ll drive back by next weekend with some more pictures for ya. 

Watch out, I think I see a car coming this way!  



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