Still Splashing Around

First just a note about my blog for those of you checking it out for the first time. Roughly every two weeks I post what I call “shout-outs” for pictures on a particular topic .   The object of the “shout-out” is that people will be able to snap some interesting shots of the shout-out subject during those two weeks and post their favorite most creative 1 or 2 pictures to my flickr group.  By posting to the flickr group we can all see each others creativity and be inspired.  You can see all the pictures in the flickr group by clicking “More Photos” on the right of your screen.  For more information about how to do this look under “About” at the top of the screen. 

Now on to the Shout-Out subject – Splash!   In order to wet you appetite let me show you my first photo for this week – a tasty pot of homemade chili.

Now that’s a pot of chili!   My BIL made this huge iron pot of chili over an open fire for a church get together Halloween weekend.    Not only does it look good, it was delicious!

Now that I have your attention let’s go back to last weekends photo – the splashing cup.   Here is what I started out with before photographing

Notice the teabag hanging out the side – I don’t drink coffee so I used cold brew tea to make the liquid look dark and rich.   It worked I think – I bet most of you thought it was coffee, huh?   Here’s the picture from last week again

 I mentioned it was my second attempt, here is my first attempt

Now I liked my first attempt okay, it just didn’t seem to have that height I wanted from the splash so I tried again.    The picture on the left below is the actual picture I came out with the second time.   The one on the right is the one I posted which is after editing

Big difference huh?   Well being the lazy person that I am, I saw no need to clean the counter after the first attempt since I was just going to mess it up again – what a dingbat!   But with the magic of a photo editing program everything is all better.    I used the clone brush and was able to make it look like the counter was clean the whole time.   Boy, wish I could wave a magic wand like that and clean my house!   Inspired by my semi-new ability I starting playing around with the program and look what I did with that first splashing cup picture using the mask/cut out feature.

Doesn’t it look like a cup of boiling tea?   I took the original “before splash” picture and used the mask/cut feature.  I thought that was pretty cool too.   I’m no photo editing expert but I will be playing around with this stuff more.   Hope these pictures have inspired you to make some splash photos yourself.   There is one more splash I wanted to show you.   I captured this splash as my nephew and his new bride made the plunge into the pool at their wedding reception.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Now lets see your splashes!



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