Shout Out #6 SPLASH!

This time the subject is a very broad topic – splash!  It’s really kindof the inspiration for this entire photo blog.  This all came about for me when I saw a picture on someone’s 365 photo blog (a photo a day for a year) of a cup of coffee caught in mid-splash.   I thought “Wow – how cool is that!   Wonder how they did it?”   And when I read the comments on the photo, the photographer was kind enough to give some of the details of how it came into play.   So here is my first attempt at catching a mid-splash photo.

Well to be completely honest that was my second attempt.   I will share my first attempt next week and I’ll explain why in that post.    So anyway – knowing that I wanted to have more than one splash or mid-splash photo to post, the wheels began to turn in my little brain and I’ve been letting it “brew” ever since.  I’ve had lots of crazy ideas since that day but it wasn’t until this weekend that I was able to try a couple of them out and see how it worked.   This was my favorite picture from my efforts

By the way, thanks Zack for the help with the basketball.    I was so excited about it.  Don’t you just love the way the ball is caught in mid-air with the water just bouncing all around it!   So this lead to another try with something heavier tossed into the water and this is what happpened.

It’s okay but somehow just not as “WOW-ing” as the first one.  One thing that happened with a few of the attempts was that the splash itself was out of focus, the building in the background was the focal point of the photo.   This is something I’m working on and something to watch for in your photos as well.  

During all of this my Dad is watching me and taking it all in (probably thinking I’m crazy – but hey – I am my father’s daugther if I am).   He suggested that I try to capture the catfish in the pond jumping up to eat the fish food pellets thrown into the pond.   So in honor of my dad’s request here’s one more.

I love you Daddy!  Thanks for encouraging me and not making fun of me! 

I already have next week’s blog planned out (in my head at least) and it’s got some tasty splashes in it, along with a few tricks for photo editing that will make your splashes uniquely yours.  

One very important tip:   Make sure your camera is far enough away not to get caught in the splash!  Using a tripod is a must and a remote shutter release is a plus.  If you want more details about how I did it, just send me a comment. 

Hope to see what you are splashing around out there!



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