Reflections on Reflections

Sorry folks but I was a little under the weather over the weekend and didn’t get to play with my reflection assignment like I wanted to do.   Actually I didn’t even leave my house Saturday or Sunday.   BUT  I’m getting better and I’ve been thinking alot about reflections.  Lots of possibilities have been running through my mind and if time allows I will still have some shots to show you in just a day or two.   Until then I decided to peruse some recent photos and find some reflection shots to share.   Of course the first place I thought to look was from a recent visit to the Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville.  Let me just say that if you live in the Nashville, TN area and have not been to see the Chihuly exhibit – you need to go!   It will be there until Nov 7th and it is definitely worth seeing.   I would suggest going in the late afternoon to see the exhibits in daylight and sticking around for a while to see them again after dark.   (For taking pictures after dark I suggest taking a tripod, I debated on it and opted not and was so sorry.)

Okay now that I’ve finished by advertising how about a little peek at my first Chihuly reflection 

The boat above seemed to attract a lot of attention as did the “orbs” floating in the pond close by it

But honestly the best reflections were seen at ……..wait for it……wait…….yes, you guessed it –“THE   REFLECTING    POOL”  <said in a deep echo-y voice>

 Isn’t that just magnificent?   The water was so still making the reflection seem like a continuation of the handblown glass itself.   Just beautiful!

I hesitate to even post this last picture – it’s not from Chihuly (obviously) but I wanted to remind you that if you are observant you can find reflections right in your own front yard.

It’s kindof embarassing to put that in the same blog as the Chihuly exhibit pics but it is certainly more everyday-life for me.   I’m still waiting to see what reflections you are seeing.



One thought on “Reflections on Reflections

  1. I have finally been inspired to post some pictures on here. Our vacation to the beach gave me the opportunity to view sunrises just about every day and running to try get that shot just before the sun breaks over the water. This is fun to do when just waking up, looking out, trying to find the camera, take the lense cap off and to turn on the camera just to miss it. I did have success one day.

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