Shout Out #5 – Reflections

On our recent camping trip I got some beautiful pictures of the trees on the other side of the …lake?….river?….whatever – on the other side of the “body of water” we were camping along side.  (How’s that for being unaware of my surroundings?)     Anyway, back to what I was saying.    The leaves were just starting to change colors and were so pretty.  I couldn’t help but notice their reflection in the “body of water”.    So that made me start thinking about other reflections.   I’ve seen some pictures of reflections around the photo-blog world out there recently that are just incredibly creative.   So far my reflection pictures are not that creative, but I just might have to see if I can pose some shots between now and next weekend.   In the meantime, here are a few of the reflections shots I’ve captured lately. 

 The first couple, of course, are of the beautiful trees reflecting in the “body of water”


 Now this second one just kindof happened when I was in the right place at the right time.   Sunlight is reflecting off dust particles in the air.    I don’t really consider this a very pretty picture but it serves the purpose for this Shout-Out subject and is a little bit unusual.   

 The final picture for this week is, I think, very pretty yet out of the usual thought process for reflections but oh so fall looking.   


The leaves are so colorful but what is that little prickly thing called anyway?  

I’m thinking this is a pretty broad Shout-Out subject so I hope to FINALLY see someone else’s pictures posted to the flickr group.   I’m betting that most of you already have some great reflection pictures.   If not, then I bet you are going to be seeing reflections in lots of places you never even noticed before.  

Now, stop reflecting on this post and snap those pictures AND, most importantly – upload them to flickr so we can all enjoy them.  Remember all the pictures posted to the flickr group can be seen by simply clicking on “more photos” at the right of the screen.



One thought on “Shout Out #5 – Reflections

  1. Those little prickly balls are Sweet Gum Balls. They are hanging on a Sweet Gum tree. I don’t suggest that you try chewing them!

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