Fall is …

camping!   We are just home from camping.   We haven’t been camping in years and before we went I couldn’t really remember why we don’t camp more often.   But after going, I realize why, it’s work.  Getting everything together, and then when you get home and have to get it all washed and put back away.  Don’t get me wrong, camping was fabulous and it really was worth it.    We tent camp so it does require a bit of prep work before and after.   My sweet hubby really did a lot of it and I am so grateful.   Mostly I was left to the feeding of us and cleaning up afterward.   In my opinion, camping is definitely a fall activity.  I guess it would be nice to go in the spring too but I’ve always camped in the fall.   And as I’ve mentioned before Fall is my favorite time of year.    Here are a few of my Fall camping pictures

Our view

It was so peaceful there. 


Anyone have a marshmallow or hotdog handy?  And squirrels were everywhere.  Gathering acorns for winter I guess.   We saw one little guy and his cheeks looked like they were about to pop they were so full.   But those things are fast, you can’t hardly get a picture of them.   Unless of course you find the one that likes to pose for the camera.  Like this guy…


I wonder if this is the same little guy posing again…hmmmm…

Squirrel in tree

One last picture.   This is my favorite picture from the trip.  

Favorite Photo

Until next time, 


P.S. Lots of possibilities floating around in my head for Shout Out #5 so be sure to check back next week.  Until then, enjoy this hot Fall weather we’re having – winter will be here soon enough.


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