Shout Out #4 ahhhh…Fall…

I love Fall, it is my favorite season.   There are vivid colors every where I look.   And the crispness somehow makes the air seems fresher.  That is, until you smell the all too familiar smell of leaves burning.  But even that is deliciously part of Fall.   In honor of my favorite season, Shout Out #4 is Fall…simply Fall.   No special camera settings or new settings to focus on, just Fall.    What does Fall mean to you?   Is it mums, like these

or perhaps you think of Fall when you see pansies like these

For me, lots of things mean Fall: mums, pumpkins, camping, and just the coolness you can feel in the air.  These mums are just beautful aren’t they?

More fall pictures next week for sure, so stay tuned.   What says “Fall is here” to you?

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!!



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