WOOO HOOO and Thank You

Finally!   Someone besides me has posted pictures to the flickr group.   Thank JB for posting your beautiful sunset reflection pictures.   They are both amazing and beautiful!  Makes me want to head to the beach!   ahhh next year………….

So if you want to see JB’s pics click on the link to the right labeled “more photos” under Flickr Group Pics, this will take you to flickr where (as best I can figure out) you will need to log-in to Flickr to view her pictures in the Kimyjo’s Photo World Group.   If that is incorrect, could someone please let me know and if you figure out how it does work also let me know that too.   Since this is the first time anyone else has shared pictures, I’m kindof figuring it out on the fly.   Thanks and enjoy the pics. 



Reflections on Reflections

Sorry folks but I was a little under the weather over the weekend and didn’t get to play with my reflection assignment like I wanted to do.   Actually I didn’t even leave my house Saturday or Sunday.   BUT  I’m getting better and I’ve been thinking alot about reflections.  Lots of possibilities have been running through my mind and if time allows I will still have some shots to show you in just a day or two.   Until then I decided to peruse some recent photos and find some reflection shots to share.   Of course the first place I thought to look was from a recent visit to the Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville.  Let me just say that if you live in the Nashville, TN area and have not been to see the Chihuly exhibit – you need to go!   It will be there until Nov 7th and it is definitely worth seeing.   I would suggest going in the late afternoon to see the exhibits in daylight and sticking around for a while to see them again after dark.   (For taking pictures after dark I suggest taking a tripod, I debated on it and opted not and was so sorry.)

Okay now that I’ve finished by advertising how about a little peek at my first Chihuly reflection 

The boat above seemed to attract a lot of attention as did the “orbs” floating in the pond close by it

But honestly the best reflections were seen at ……..wait for it……wait…….yes, you guessed it –“THE   REFLECTING    POOL”  <said in a deep echo-y voice>

 Isn’t that just magnificent?   The water was so still making the reflection seem like a continuation of the handblown glass itself.   Just beautiful!

I hesitate to even post this last picture – it’s not from Chihuly (obviously) but I wanted to remind you that if you are observant you can find reflections right in your own front yard.

It’s kindof embarassing to put that in the same blog as the Chihuly exhibit pics but it is certainly more everyday-life for me.   I’m still waiting to see what reflections you are seeing.


Shout Out #5 – Reflections

On our recent camping trip I got some beautiful pictures of the trees on the other side of the …lake?….river?….whatever – on the other side of the “body of water” we were camping along side.  (How’s that for being unaware of my surroundings?)     Anyway, back to what I was saying.    The leaves were just starting to change colors and were so pretty.  I couldn’t help but notice their reflection in the “body of water”.    So that made me start thinking about other reflections.   I’ve seen some pictures of reflections around the photo-blog world out there recently that are just incredibly creative.   So far my reflection pictures are not that creative, but I just might have to see if I can pose some shots between now and next weekend.   In the meantime, here are a few of the reflections shots I’ve captured lately. 

 The first couple, of course, are of the beautiful trees reflecting in the “body of water”


 Now this second one just kindof happened when I was in the right place at the right time.   Sunlight is reflecting off dust particles in the air.    I don’t really consider this a very pretty picture but it serves the purpose for this Shout-Out subject and is a little bit unusual.   

 The final picture for this week is, I think, very pretty yet out of the usual thought process for reflections but oh so fall looking.   


The leaves are so colorful but what is that little prickly thing called anyway?  

I’m thinking this is a pretty broad Shout-Out subject so I hope to FINALLY see someone else’s pictures posted to the flickr group.   I’m betting that most of you already have some great reflection pictures.   If not, then I bet you are going to be seeing reflections in lots of places you never even noticed before.  

Now, stop reflecting on this post and snap those pictures AND, most importantly – upload them to flickr so we can all enjoy them.  Remember all the pictures posted to the flickr group can be seen by simply clicking on “more photos” at the right of the screen.


Fall is …

camping!   We are just home from camping.   We haven’t been camping in years and before we went I couldn’t really remember why we don’t camp more often.   But after going, I realize why, it’s work.  Getting everything together, and then when you get home and have to get it all washed and put back away.  Don’t get me wrong, camping was fabulous and it really was worth it.    We tent camp so it does require a bit of prep work before and after.   My sweet hubby really did a lot of it and I am so grateful.   Mostly I was left to the feeding of us and cleaning up afterward.   In my opinion, camping is definitely a fall activity.  I guess it would be nice to go in the spring too but I’ve always camped in the fall.   And as I’ve mentioned before Fall is my favorite time of year.    Here are a few of my Fall camping pictures

Our view

It was so peaceful there. 


Anyone have a marshmallow or hotdog handy?  And squirrels were everywhere.  Gathering acorns for winter I guess.   We saw one little guy and his cheeks looked like they were about to pop they were so full.   But those things are fast, you can’t hardly get a picture of them.   Unless of course you find the one that likes to pose for the camera.  Like this guy…


I wonder if this is the same little guy posing again…hmmmm…

Squirrel in tree

One last picture.   This is my favorite picture from the trip.  

Favorite Photo

Until next time, 


P.S. Lots of possibilities floating around in my head for Shout Out #5 so be sure to check back next week.  Until then, enjoy this hot Fall weather we’re having – winter will be here soon enough.

Shout Out #4 ahhhh…Fall…

I love Fall, it is my favorite season.   There are vivid colors every where I look.   And the crispness somehow makes the air seems fresher.  That is, until you smell the all too familiar smell of leaves burning.  But even that is deliciously part of Fall.   In honor of my favorite season, Shout Out #4 is Fall…simply Fall.   No special camera settings or new settings to focus on, just Fall.    What does Fall mean to you?   Is it mums, like these

or perhaps you think of Fall when you see pansies like these

For me, lots of things mean Fall: mums, pumpkins, camping, and just the coolness you can feel in the air.  These mums are just beautful aren’t they?

More fall pictures next week for sure, so stay tuned.   What says “Fall is here” to you?

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!!