I confess…

I confess… I’ve been stressing a little over what to post this week.   You probably figured that out since it is Wednesday and I’m just now posting.   Of course the shout-out runs for two weeks so it’s not a big deal.   It’s just that I like to post something on the in-between weekend to kindof  keep you thinking about things to photography.  

I confess… I’m not much of an out-going, spontaneous person.   I will lead when necessary, but I’m not much on just going out there and spontaneously doing something.  I just like to roll it over in my mind for a while and work out all the details and make sure I’m up for it before I tackle a project.  So that’s how it was with taking the following pictures.  I finally got myself all geared up and ready to go.  Then, I left work with camera in hand only to find that roadwork had my direct route to the “object of my photo desire” cut off completely.   I took that as a clue that I should just not go there and so I took the detour, ran the rest of my errands, and headed home for the night.  But today on my lunch break I decided to try again.  And let me just say – it was soooooo worth it.    First I snapped this picture:


 and then this picture, for the “line ‘em up” shout-out.

I also meet a really nice guy at the plant stand were I stopped.   He was more than happy for me to snap my pictures and even pointed out this little swan decoration he created.   


 I also confess…. most of the time when I step outside my comfort zone it is very rewarding.   Just like blogging was not in my comfort zone but I really am enjoying it.   Especially when an idea comes together for me.  So here’s one more photo to get you in the mood for fall (or autumn if you prefer).

Boy, it sure feels good to get those confessions out in public once and for all.  Now line something up and let’s see what you have to show us. 



2 thoughts on “I confess…

  1. Kim, beautiful fall pictures. And, I loved hearing of the events which led up to taking these shots. I have a co-worker who is taking photography classes. She entered two of her pictures in the Nashville State Fair and she won a 1st place ribbon and a honorable mention ribbon. Needless to say, she was so elated and I was very proud for her. I will tell you what I always tell her, “a person really does have to have a good eye to take a picture and that picture tells the viewer a story”. I am so proud for you that you have found a means to show us your creative side.

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