Still looking for a sign….

Today’s sign pictures come to you courtesy of downtown Nashville, TN and are a special tribute to my Fabulous 50 Friend, you know who you are girlfriend!    Recently a group of us girls celebrated her big 5-0 birthday on Second Avenue and it was soooo much fun.   Those girls are CRAZY!!!!!    If you’ve never been to Second Avenue then I highly recommend you check it out.   Especially at night, late night is even better.   It is quite a hopping little place.    Now, personally I’m not a party girl.  I’m not a drinker either and it was still way fun.  One of the things to check out are the shops.   Where do they come up with the sayings for those t-shirts?   We were laughing so hard and we were as sober as a preacher on Sunday could be.

Of course one of the first places we saw was the

Now that place was  busssyyy but we weren’t interested in what was going on in there so we kept walking.  Here are a few other places we saw

Doesn’t that sign sum up downtown Nashville.  And there was

Of course the sign we were most looking forward to seeing was

Now that place has some fabulous eats, especially the dessert.  I was a Melting Pot virgin but now that I’ve tried it, I think I will be doing that again!  (at least I hope so).   I have one more sign for you …..

Happy Birthday my friend – here is your sign.



One thought on “Still looking for a sign….

  1. I feel famous being mentioned on your blog. And thanks for taking out my license plate number. Wouldn’t want any stalkers looking for a 50 year old woman!

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