Shout Out #2

Wow!  That is all I can say!   I’ve had two weeks to come up with a new subject for the shout out and I didn’t come up with one until today!  I’ve had so many ideas running through my head it was hard to decide.   Sooo the new subject for the shout out is…….signs.  You know, like street signs, commerical signs, billboards, etc.   At first I wasn’t too sure about signs for the subject but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.  There are literally signs every where we look huh?   Remember though, it’s not about the sign itself or what it says, it’s about being creative with your picture taking, or experimenting with your camera settings.   I actually took my picture a couple weeks ago when I was in  my hometown for a family reunion.   I was still playing around with the depth of field stuff and so this is kindof a continuation of that subject for me.  I really love the way the main object (the sign) is so crisp and clear, with a background that is just blurry enough not to be distracting and yet can still be seen.

Also you may notice something else about my picture, a watermark.  A friend of mine mentioned to me that I should probably watermark my photos so people on the internet will know they are mine and not just public domain.   Great idea!  Just one catch, I had to figure out how to make a watermark and put it on the photo.   That took a little time but I think it turned out okay.   You’ll probably see more variations of this on my future pictures since I’m still figuring it out and trying to decide what I like and what works for me. 

So, good luck with those sign pictures – can’t wait to see what you are seeing.   Remember you can still post your ice cream pictures on flickr as well, just mark you photo with Shout-Out #1 or #2.

So – where’s your sign?



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