Since no one has posted an ice cream picture yet for my first shout-out, I assume that you are still trying to figure out how to not eat it all, while letting it run down you hand to get juuussstttt melty enough while holding the camera with the other hand and snapping the picture.  That’s it, right?  Or maybe it was just so delicious you forgot all about the picture and ate it.   Of course, I think that is just an excuse to get more ice cream, but hey, whatever works for you.    I’m still looking forward to your pictures.   You can view all the pictures posted to the flickr group by clicking the “more pictures” on the right of your screen.   So to inspire you, below is another ice cream picture.   I’m working on depth of field with my camera and I’m liking this picture, hope you do too.      

Bye for now, and remember, click and then eat.


DISCLAIMER:   The following picture may make you hungry for ice cream!


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